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[Resolved] WP 2 web sites on single Synology server DSM 6 upgrade

  • HI !!
    I have a Synology server at home that hosts two WordPress web sites:
    a) http://www.parato2.com.mx folder \web\wpparato2\
    b) http://www.sercompetente.uno folder \web\wordpress\ This is the WordPress default installation folder

    This morning Synology released a major upgrade to its DSM operating system. I performed the upgraded which upgraded my WordPress installation to version 4.3.2-115

    After completing the Synology upgrade I checked both web sites simply navigating to each of them using Chrome and found everything normal. Both sites were live as usual.

    I have to mention that I have two ISP internet connections at home. One ISP connection is for the Synology server and the other is for normal web browesing. The second one allows me to connect to my Synology server via Chrome by going to

    So after checking both web sites I decided to enter to the parato2 web site as the WordPress admin. I noticed that after typing my userid and password I got a message box indicating: The database needs to be updated and I clicked OK.

    After the DB update, I entered as the WP admin and updated WP to version 4.4.2 and also upgraded plug-ins from the dashboard without FTP.

    The way I access and enter into the parato2 web site is by simply starting Chrome and typing the URL
    http://www.parato2.com.mx/wpparato2/wp-login and I use the WP dashboard check on my web site and see if I have plug-ins pending to be updated, etc.

    Next I proceeded to try to do the same on web site sercompetente. After login in as admin and being at the WP dashboard I found a message indicating WP 4.4.2 is available “please update now”.

    Clicking on “please update now” causes “An automated WordPress update has failed to complete – please attempt the update again now.”
    If I try to upgrade plug-Ins I get a screen asking me for FTP parameters.
    I have tried all possible combinations of Hostname with my FTP userid and password and FTP and FTPS and cannot pass this point.

    I ran out of options to try.

    The curious thing is that the other web site parato2.com.mx works fine as sercompetente.uno used to work, being able to update everything from the WP dashboard, before the update of the Synology OS.

    One thing different now is the “DB needs to be updated” which I did when I entered parato2.com.mx which DID not appeared when I entered sercompetente.uno

    Both websites and therefore both WordPress instances use the same DB which is MariaDB

    Each web site has its own DB:
    http://www.sercompetente.uno uses wordpresslog DB
    http://www.parato2.com.mx uses wpparato2 DB

    All this boring and endless explanation is to ask if you know where does WP store FTP parameters in the DB so I can query the table and inspect the differences between the 2 DBs? And perhaps apply manual corrections to the sercompetente.uno DB to be able to update plug-ins and WP and themes from the dashboard?
    Best regards,

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  • Hi Ed

    You could check out wp-config files of both and compare.

    Additionally this might be of your interest:

    Thank you Marvel !!!

    1.- I will compare the config files
    2.- For your patience in reading my post.

    Hello eojeda1375,
    I would be interested to get the outcomes of your comparison and know how you fixed your issue on your second website!
    In fact I have exactly the same issue on my blog, but I don’t have a second one to check what is happening… I’ve also posted on synology forum without any good answer so far…
    Thanks ahead!

    Hi !!!

    I have not fixed my second web site because its working and have not had the time to do it…

    I will post the results of failures I get as I schedule the time to try to fix it.

    Best regard,


    Hello Marvel,

    I have checked both config files, found some differences.

    One website works perfectly and I can update WordPress and plugins from the dashboard. This is http://www.parato2.com.mx

    Taking the config of parato2 as a reference I adjusted the sercompetente config file.

    As a result, I cannot update WordPress nor plugins from the dashboard.

    After the upgrade of my Synology server to DSM 6 that included upgrading WordPress, this upgrade process developed by Synology made a mess with my sercompetente site.

    BTW the sercompetente site is the default WordPress site in my server.

    The parato2 site is an alternet site.

    The way I can handle two sites in a single server is by means of redirecting
    to folder sercompetente or folder parato2 with a very small .PHP script.

    I don’t know what else I could do to try to fix this, than to delete the whole sercompetente site and fix it from scratch.

    If you have any other suggestion I’ll be more than glad to hear about it.

    Best regards,


    I tried the following procedure, step by step to upgrade to version 4.5.1

    How to Manually Update WordPress Using FTP

    Upon entering the WordPress Dashboard I find a message saying “WordPress 4.5.1 is available! Please Update now”. Then I get “An automated WordPress Update has Failed to Complete – please attempt the update again now”.

    I try to update and get the failed message again.

    I went to the Synology admin console, stopped WordPress restarted wordpress and the problem remains.

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


    Hi !!!

    So far this is the status of my two WordPress instances in a single Synology box.

    Default site (WordPress):
    1.- Can update plug-ins
    2.- Can update themes
    3.- Cannot update WordPress

    Additional working WordPress site:
    1.- Can update everything: plug-ins, themes, WordPress

    I have changed the config file of the default site to make it as similar as possible to the additional working site. I guess this helped.

    Now my only problem is updating WordPress in the default site.

    Is there any procedure that indicates copying selected WordPress folders from the additional working instance to the default instance (which does not allow me to update WordPress from the Dashboard; it just sends a message that it could not update WordPress) to stabilize the default instance and be able to update WordPress?

    Thank you very much!!!


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