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    I seem to have encountered a really odd problem. I use Domesticat’s skinning method for my entire site; I’ve used that method since pre-wp. I have three WP installations running various subsections of the site (library/story, blog, and skins listing). Every page on the site is skinned. Library and blog both use wp 1.5.2, and I upgraded carefully with all the correct files, etc. No hacks got overwritten.
    But my blog no longer obeys the skin cookie. The library obeys the cookie, and skins just fine, when the skin is changed. They do have a different set of plugins, but both installs use my personal theme, which had worked perfectly with the skin method up until 1.5.2. I have tried turning off and out-right removing all the plugins for the blog. I have tried ripping out all the code except the skin code itself from the theme index.php. I tried copying the theme index.php from the library (which works with the skinning) to the blog. I have tried a totally fresh install of wp 1.5.2, with my-hacks and plugins turned off (that was thirty minutes ago, actually).
    None of these things makes the blog obey the skin cookie. The conclusion I have come to is that somehow, it can’t find the cookie, although it’s finding the cookiecheck file, and therefore resets the skin to the default. Is there a setting in WP I’m overlooking that could be causing this?

    My blog is . The library (which again uses almost exactly the same code and version of WP) is library .

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  • Question: Why would you use a skinning method when WP already has a built-in one? That already could cause a lot of conflict. Besides–just an opinion–I think WP’s theme method is a _lot_ simpler in terms of functionality for the user. You might consider start using the built-in system.

    Being more of a designer who works with XHTML and CSS, I can’t always answer the programming questions (sorry!), but I would think you’d actually find yourself a lot happier if you used WP as it was meant to be used, so to speak.

    I worked with that skinning method for a while, and while you can get it working (and well and fine, at that), it just isn’t as organized or simplistic as the WP theming system. Also, with WP page templates, I would think you could probably annihilate your needs for having multiple installations.

    Q: Why would you use a skinning method when WP already has a built-in one?

    A: Because, as I stated, I was using this method to skin my site well before I switched to WP. It’s only been in the last release that I’ve had problems, and again it’s only been with this single install. The other two work perfectly.

    Then there’s the part where there are large portions of my site that are not only not on WP, but couldn’t go on WP without some heavy work — which is unnecessary. So’s the amount of work needed to merge my three installs into one install. I am using WP just exactly as it was meant to be used — as blogging software. While it may work as a CMS, that’s not, as far as I ever saw, its primary purpose.

    Well, the solution is f****d up, but in order to resolve the problem I renamed my old blog directory, copied the library directory as the blog directory, and put the old blog wp-contents folder in there. In short, I replaced the blog code with the library code, and now my cookies work again. It’s strange; there must be some subtle difference in a file somewhere. I may do a comparison later, but right now I’m glad it works.

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