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  1. kmtcn
    Posted 11 years ago #

    This image:
    ...is a screen shot of the live site here:

    ...and illustrates my site's main page block level elements that have been outlined via Firefox's developer tools. Theme is 'default' w/WP 1.5.1. Site is all 'pages'.

    The two red lines with arrows in the top section of the page/body indicate areas I would like to control. I want to reduce the white space on the left and on the top...mainly eliminating the empty space above the red word 'HOME' (moving the body text up). If I can widen the body to allow more text left/right, that would be good as well.

    Can someone take a look, please, and tell me what part of my CSS I perhaps need to tweak to make those unused areas smaller or simply go away?



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