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  • As a suggestion, it would nice if when the “img” button is pressed when entering a post, a list of images from your upload folder was displayed so that one could be selected without having to type in the url.

    I have set up a cut down version of WP (no comments or categories) for my 10 year old nieces and they have a problem with remembering what to type in for images when writing pages.

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  • I kind of thought this is fairly fundamental and should be included in the core admin routines so that novice users wouldn’t need to know the relative path to their upload image files. The post author may not be level 5 or above. i.e. they only know the url which the upload gives them. By the time they create a post to use the uploaded image, they may well have forgotten what the url should be and have no way of finding out what it should be apart from uploading the file again.

    I doubt it will be – at least for a long time – hence my pointing at the plugin comp.

    I am new to WP and know nothing of how wp plugins work (yet). I had a look at the code and it seems that the code in the quicktags.js file in wp-admin would need to be changed to open a php page in a popup and then pass back the selected image url to the edInsertImage() js function.

    Do plugin rules allow doing that and what about passing userid etc so that state can be maintained. i.e. can those be got from a cookie?

    In the mean time I have done a quick and dirty fix so that only image name is required to be input when the “img” button is pressed. This should simply life for my two users a little.

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