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  • I’m not sure how to fix this, but I have 2 sub-categories under one category.

    They don’t display as sub-categories, but as categories.

    When I created them, I added them as child categories to the parent category ‘poems’.

    Instead of science ficiton and fun being under poems, they are listed alphabetically as categories, not sub-categories.



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  • Hm… it looks to me as if they are actually appearing as ‘sub categories’. You’ll notice that in Science fiction, you only have ‘ocean of stars’ and in poetry you have two poems, one from ‘fun’, and including ‘ocean of stars’.

    But, on the menu on the left, there’s no hierarchy. You could ‘exclude’ showing certain categories in your menu (so only the top level ‘poems’ shows.)

    And maybe on your poetry page, you’d rather see a listing of each category, instead of the whole poem?

    when using 1.2.2 and I create a number of sub-categories under each category, they display as sub-categories under the parent category.

    I didn’t do anything different for 1.5 when I added the sub- and categories, but the subs don’t appear under the parent category on the list on the main page..

    and example of how I thought it was going to look, and the way it does look under 1.2.2, can be seen on a 1.2.2 site of mine:


    weird… pagination isn’t working on the main site. I’ll have to take it out so you can see what I mean.

    on the admin categories page, the subs do show as being under the main categories.

    any suggestions on how to fix this ?

    Or do I have to drop back to 1.2.2 ?


    i’m with you, this seems like a bug in 1.5 (or maybe it’s Kubrik). nobody seems to know the answer or want to answer. i posted the same question before seeing your post in

    the code for 1.5 and 1.2 is exactly the same as:
    <?php list_cats(0, ”, ‘name’, ‘asc’, ”, 1, 0, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0,”,”,”,”,”) ?>

    but 1.5 doesn’t display properly.

    is anybody out there?

    Bumper… 😉

    Same problem too.

    According to the entry in the Codex:

    There’s a new parameter “hierarchical” that can be set. Don’t know if it will help or not though.


    Yes, that’s true, but with the WP built I downloaded yesterday this just didn’t work anymore…

    it looks like chuckblue fixed the problem… i see the use of “<ul class=’children’>” in his website…

    how’d you do it?

    if you really did discover a bug… did anyone submit this to mosquito, the bug tracker for wordpress…

    It was corrected in this revised file:
    replace your template-functions-category.php file with the new one and it will fix it.

    This works, but now when I set it to hide empty (only showing empty worked before) it hides the empty categories even with sub-categories in them. Any fix?

    Hi all!

    I had the same original problem and it had been mid-fixed with the file provided by moshu (thank you!) 😛 . Now the categories are nested but the way they had been nested is a little disordered. The bullet of the parent category appears at medium level of the sub-categories and the interline space between the parent and the sub is too high.

    I don’t know if this is a local problem of mine or a general problem. I’m using WordPress 1.5 and my blog’s URL is

    And… euh… I’m sorry but I have no idea of php and very little of html so don’t be cruel with me. Hehehe…

    Thank you for your incredible job here!

    Hmm. I’m having the same problem in spades []. My config file wouldn’t recognize the hierarchical setting, or the exclude setting, or the sort_column setting.

    The upgrade template-functions-category.php file that moshu linked fixed the sort_column setting, but not the exclude or hierarchical setting problems.

    Here’s my code and if anyone can see what’s wrong I’d really appreciate commentary. I’ve tried list_cats and wp_list_cats; single quotes & double quotes; TRUE/FALSE and 1/0 (my understanding is that those two binary sets are equivalent, btw).

    list_cats version: list_cats(TRUE, ”, “name”, ”, ”, 1, 0,
    1, 1, 0, 1, ”, ”, ”, ”, ”, “57”, TRUE);

    wp_list_cats version: wp_list_cats(‘optionall=1&sort_column=”name”&list=1&optioncount=1

    It looks like bloggedy who had posted in the thread got it to work. Any idea how?

    BTW — there are a few other similar threads: as previously mentioned starts out somewhere else but ends w/ the parent/child category problem says they have a solution, and i’ll be testing it soon. seems to have some possibly related problems

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