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  • I would like to start by saying that the upgrade process from 1.2 to 1.5 was absolutely nothing like i imagined. I allocated myself 3 hours to do it and i was finished in 10mins !. Ok, so i had to sort the templates etc… but the core installation was done !!!

    very impressive indeed.

    One issue i did have whilst running 1.2 was that i never got emailed when someone posted a comment. I do recall asking a question here and i think i got dismissed with “fixed in 1.3 etc…”

    Well now i am using 1.5 and it still not working 🙁
    Firstly some basic questions:
    1. How does WP send you an email ?.. which email server does it use?
    If its the one that you specify so that you can post via email, then i guess you have to specify a pop3 email address?… ie can you use an exchange address?

    i found an article with some information but it was aimed at 1.2 …

    I just want to be emailed when someone leaves a comment.
    Can anyone provide the steps i need to take to achieve this?

    i have updated my email address in the profile, and i have checked “email me when someone comments”
    Searching the forums, i have also removed the “more” bit from functions.php .. which fixed it for some people.

    Sheesh !.. thats a long post for one question 🙂

    Any advise is appreciated.

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  • Sorry to bump (as i read the sticky that this post will un-bold) , but can anyone shed any light on this?

    Or even provide another plug-in link that will email me when someone comments on the site?

    Thanks in advance



    I hope I’m not asking you a question you’ve already asked and answered yourself, but it’s best to start at the basics:

    1. Options–>Discussion: “Email me whenever anyone:” have you double/triple checked that the box next to “posts a comment” is checked/ticked?

    2. Users–>Your Profile…are you sure you’ve double/triple/quadruple-checked all the email address to make sure it’s not missing anything?

    3. Are you sure the notifications aren’t getting zapped by a spam filter either locally or on your mail server (in which case you would never see them or even know they were sent)? The way to test this would be to try using several different email addresses each hosted by a different host. I have a feeling that WordPress uses plain old php emailing functions which really do get spam-zapped something awful.

    Those are the basics…please do check again even if you’ve already checked a bunch of times b/c just based on what you’ve said it may be some simple typo you’ve missed or a spam filter issue and certainly that would be the easiest to resolve. If that’s not it, another possibilty is to check with your web host to confirm that they let server programs send emails and that there’s nothing happening with the server that would prevent this.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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