• I am having a debate. I want to redo my website from scratch I think… but I am not sure how far away we are from 1.3 ? I don’t want to do all the mods and hack my pages up and then the upgrade comes around and I lose all that work because I won’t remember what I did where (I’m sucky at this kind of stuff).
    So is 1.3 months and months off? Or would I be wise to hold tight to my panties a wee bit longer?
    Thank you. =)

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Why not use 1.3 as a base from which to redesign, but do it where others cannot see ?
    You’ve still then got to keep track of what’s what, but at least if things break it won’t affect your main site, and when you want to move it all over it will be easily done ?

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