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  • I’ve just now posted an interview I did with Matt, the lead developer. I asked him some hard-hitting questions about the upcoming release of WP 1.3.
    Unfortunately, some of the interview was “off the record” so I am unable to tell you about everything that I know about the new release. Suffice to say that I was, and still am, tingly in anticipation.
    Read All About It!

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  • Kewl!

    No Natalie Portman! Screw this, I’m going back to pMachine.

    Very enjoyable!

    No Natalie Portman ?
    have you at least managed to have some of R2-D2 plugins ?

    That information is classified. I could tell you, but then I would have to move in with you and live off of you like a parasite for ten years, and I don’t think you want that.

    Thank you Nuclear Moose for that interview with Matt Mullenweg. It has at least made my appetite for more Word-Press burst into full hunger as I’m sure other WP junkies and Blogging enthusiast agree. Whether Natalie Protman appears in it or not, well….. it would be nice. Hot chicks, oh ya…. I got one with 1.2, imagine what 1.3 will do for you! he he he. If 1.3 is like Starwars, Episode III, then we should see lots of eye candy — right! (I don’t know about “moose candy”?) So……… When will I get to play with 1.3 ???????????

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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