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  • xmlrpc.php is removed from the 1.2.1 package.
    This was the file for posting for such tools I use as marsedit and macjournal.
    Anyone got an idea of how to post now ? Has the process changed or was this an accidental omission in the 1.2.1 package ?
    Thanks !
    PS> My upgrade seems flawless other than this issue
    I held back changed files and removed/overwrote everything else.
    Details here :

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  • Moderator Michael Adams (mdawaffe)



    I’m also a bit confused. The ping back url as reported by bloginfo(‘pingback_url’) in my index.php is still xmlrpc.php after installing 1.2.1 and running upgrade.php. Has the xmlrpc functionality been taken over by some other file? If so, how do I alter my databse to reflect that change?
    Or should I just use a rewrite rule to redirect xmlrpc.php requests to the approriate file?
    Thanks for the upgrade, though!

    I can’t find xmlrpc.php which used to be in version 1.2. Now my Zempt application cannot locate the file and fails to retrieve the blog details. I was wondering why the file disappeared from 1.2.1.

    I asked this in a different thread and nobody was really able to tell for sure if this file’s exclusion was intentional, or a mistake. It has also been brought up in a few other threads since 1.2.1 came out and I was hoping that maybe a developer would see this and could settle the issue.
    Thanks for all the great work!

    It’s a mistake. Use xmlrpc.php from 1.2.

    Moderator Ryan Boren


    WordPress Dev

    That was me.

    Moderator James Huff


    Is there a download of the file available, or will it be included in the distribution again soon?

    ok i’m confused the update fixed now ,,it says to just copy all files over except the index.php if one made mods adding text to it the same thing ..could someone take a look at my blog and tell me what i need to do ..i dread redoing my main page..
    Blogosphere Zoo
    thank ya much

    Moderator James Huff


    I’d say at least your index.php and wp-layout.css need to stay. Back up everything and try replacing all but those two files. That should do it.

    ok good and thx mac the fixes arent in the index or css files ..good good. i really like WordPress thanks to all who work on it.

    I copied xmlrpc.php from a friends site (wordpress-1.2-mingus) to mine thru FTP, will this work fine or do I need to make any customizations to the file?
    please help.

    It should work fine…as long as you have an original copy from the 1.2 installation, just copy and use that same file for your 1.2.1 installation.

    if you’re a new jack, like me, that didn’t have WP prior to 1.2.1 and need xmlrpc.php and can’t get it from a backup that you don’t have, go here:
    you can download a patched version of the file. or the unpatched, too [ i think ].

    WordPress’s officially recommended download/install version (1.2.1 or whatever) should come complete. It’s probably okay to accept the fact the documentation does not come bundled since WordPress does such a great job installing. But it’s not okay for even a single file to be missed out (esp the ones like xmlrpc.php). Please don’t ask fresh installers to look for one stray file elsewhere. This just doesn’t cut it.
    Before posting another nightly, the least the team could do is fix the existing download version to have *all* files so that we can go ahead and recommend to interested migrators.

    Moderator James Huff


    Yes, I highly agree with Chetan. It isn’t too hard to include xmlrpc.php in the package, re-compress it, and re-upload it, is it? I know they’re working hard on v1.3, but would the developers please add xmlrpc.php back into the v1.2.1 distribution package or give an official statement about why it’s not included?

    Moderator James Huff


    If you want the official xmlrpc.php file from the v1.2 distribution, you can grab the v1.2 distribution here:

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