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  1. marmaladepress
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    I downloaded WP through a 1-click install through my hosting provider. Works great. My WP logon IS NOT "localhost:8888...." It is http://www.wordpress.com/wp-admin.

    I want to create a child theme for twentyeleven.HOW DO I DO THIS? I've watched some help vidoes but they all talk about MAMP, and finding folders on my computer. I don't think there are any WP folders on my computer since WP was uploaded directly to my site from my host. Unless I'm misunderstanding something (probably so!)

    Where and how do I find my wordpress folders on my computer (mac)? Would they even be on my computer since I did a 1 click install and my host DLed WP directly to my site....?

    Really wish WP themes came with a blank child style.css page... ugh!

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