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  • Word Press Statistics (zip file)
    This is a port to WP 1.2 as a plugin and significant improvement based on the code from GamerZ.
    It features some pretty significant changes and improvements for template integration. Installation instructions are included. It does operate differently than the release by GamerZ, it probably is not compatible with WordPress 1.0.x. Although I’m sure it could be with a few tweaks to the code.
    The original forum for discussion is here.
    I do not currently have a demo online, my website has not been upgraded to WP 1.2 yet, I’ve been testing it locally. Hopefully in the next day or two, I’ll have a sample site online for people to check out.
    If were lucky there won’t be too many issues with it so people can hit the ground running with it when WP 1.2 is released this week.

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  • Thanks for the plugin. Perhaps you can link to it from the plugins page at the wiki for easy access and reference.

    The link for the file is linking to this forum….

    Whoops, thats what I get for copying and pasting code from my web page!
    Thanks MtDew.
    I’ll go add it to Wiki now.

    A Few things i notice, first all i dont have acces to my .htaccess or either dont know where it is locate. is there a way to make easy in which all the change that need to be done is in index.php?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Wonderful plugin ! Thank you!!
    @solarpunk – the index.php changes can be made through the Templates editing box.

    I know, i can make changes to the index.php but this part of the instruction is what i am wondering about:
    4) Add this to your .htaccess file:
    RewriteRule ^stats/author/(.*)?/page/?(.*)?/?$ /b2/index.php?wp_stats=1&author=$1&page=$2 [QSA]
    RewriteRule ^stats/author/?(.*) /b2/index.php?wp_stats=1&author=$1 [QSA]
    RewriteRule ^stats/ /b2/index.php?wp_stats=1 [QSA]
    RewriteRule ^stats /b2/index.php?wp_stats=1 [QSA]
    thank you,

    solarpunk, your .htaccess file is a text file named .htaccess If you dont have one in a subdirectory or the root directory create one and upload it.

    i notice that i dont need the .htaccess file at all. :). the stats is working perfectly with the latest build of WP.

    One little thing… I get this at the end:
    ร‚ยป Link Categories Stats
    Links, 10 Links

    I don’t have any Categories assigned to my links, is that why?

    The Array bit was from a debug line I forgot to delete.
    Links, 10 Links is correct. The first Links – is the name of your category. “10 Links” is the number of links.
    However, I did stumble across a little bug if you have more than 1 link category where everything would be put on one line (in list mode). That is now fixed, and the debug line is removed.
    Changes are availible in the same spot.

    SolarPunk, without the ModRewrite rules almost everything will work fine being accessed using: index.php?wp_stats=1
    However the links back to the comment author stats will not work, they are currently only printing in the form /stats/author/AuthName, this will give you a not found error when you click them.
    Hopefully in the next few days (might be longer, finals week), I can just make using mod_rewrite an option. For now though I opted for the cleaner URIs.
    Author stats w/o the Rewrites will load using:
    with an optional:
    &page=X where X is the page number you want to load.
    So yeah, it almost works if your not using the rewrite rules.

    Thanks, it now works, nice plugin… Well documented install. Thanks!

    Fixed the stats/ bit, not sure how I managed to do that one. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Thresholds are now fixed on the commenter statistics. Thanks for pointing that out, it also affected values other than 1.
    The download file is now updated.
    Hopefully by the time WP 1.2 is released all the kinks are worked out.
    Beel, you might also prefer to simply call the functions yourself, rather than using the generic print out from get_stats().
    Thanks for pointing out the bugs!

    Fixed, the interesting thing about setting the threshold to 1, is that a value of 1 is essentially disabled. 0 or -1 work great for that.
    Although, I suppose not having that

    could cause a few problems with the design of your page! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    How is htmlspecialchars messing up your post_title? Which part of the stats page? It’s in there in a couple places.
    htmlspecialchars is used to make sure code is valid. If you can define more clearly (with an example) of what is being messed up and where, hopefully we can come up with a good solution. For now it remains unchanged.
    Let me know if you encounter any other glitches.

    I’ve installed the latest version and everything looks fine but the links from the commentors to their comments just throws up a 404 error. I have added the extra lines to .htaccess and modified them to suit. Any thoughts??

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