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  1. saphruser
    Posted 8 years ago #

    hi i am using Google webmaster tool.can anyone pls help me interpret something pls?

    In diagnnostics>webcrawl under NOTFOUND I see http://saphruser.com/comments/feed - 404 (Not found) [?]

    and under URLs restricted by robots.txt (1)
    i see my main site url itself i.e http://saphruser.com/

    but whats contradicting is in Toos>Analyze robots.txt
    i see Status 200 (Success) [?] and
    User-agent: *

    which means block nothing allow everything then why do i see ny site under URLs restricted by robots.txt?

    thsi explains why my site is not crawled by google.what do i do. i cant even find robots.txt file in public_html. its not there in the first place how is it blocking?

    did anyone have same problem pls rescue. thanks in advance.

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