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  • Please look at  I added a wowslider to the page.  I have an unlimited license. I am using wowslider version 2.2.3 on Firefox version 15.0.1 or Safarai 5.1.7 on a Macbook Pro using the Snow Leopard operating system version 10.6.8.  The slider works but is missing key features.  I checked for it to have a description but none appears.  I need to have the pictures numbered 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A and 5A.  The slider is supposed to go for one loop and stop.  It does not stop.  The slider is supposed to point to the next screen and the previous screen (forward and backward arrows).  It does not.  In order to be able to use this slider, WordPress said that I had to update WordPress and it is now at the current version of WordPress, which is version 3.4.2  What do I do?  I could not figure out how to use visuallightbox on WordPress, and now I cannot get the wowslider to show its necessary features.  I need to submit this site for approval with the University where I teach.  Thank you for your help.
    Diana Hunter

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