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    i sent this in email form to support, but am posting here as well in case that inbox is busy with other customers.

    I have successfully used the WowSlider for my company’s WordPress page for the past month or so, and the plugin now seems broken, as I get this message when clicking on the plug-in page:

    “Warning: Missing argument 1 for WOWSlider_List_Table::bulk_actions(), called in /home/transigm/public_html/new-site/transigmapartners/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php on line 768 and defined in /home/transigm/public_html/new-site/transigmapartners/wp-content/plugins/wowslider/list-table.php on line 119”

    Can you please tell me what this means?

    Whenever I try to load a slider I now get the message: “Wrong Slider.”

    I updated both WordPress and WowSlider today, so an now operating on WordPress 3.5 and WowSlider 2.6. Here is my website, with the slider currently gone:

    I tried the upload via folder option and that gives me the same exact error message. I tried re-installing and this did not work.

    Thank you,


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  • I get the EXACT same error message since upgrading to WP 3.5
    Wowslider worked fine until then and I did nothing but upgrade WP and now the sliders are static on my 2 pages I have them on and cannot go next-prev either manually.

    I was told by support (which did email back fast) to try to upload to server and put the html code on my pages. That is Way easier on a Html website but hard if have many pages and only want a slider on a couple in php since their is no page to edit and is stored in database.

    I think they will update soon. Looking to buy to us on my business website but got to wait to see if it is fixed.


    Plugin Author


    Unfortunately, this problem really appeared after WordPress update. Our developer team will try to fix it as soon as possible.
    Sorry for inconvenience.

    Thank you for your response- do you have an estimated time of completion?

    I just upgraded my wordpress also to 3.5 and I just installed WOW Slider as well but when I insert the short code into a page viewing it at the front end only shows the shortcode I inserted earlier and not the slider. Please help. The theme I’m using is Evolve 1.9 from Theme Giant

    i too am experiencing issue due to similar error meesages.

    also, when attempting a new slider upload, i receive the error “wrong slider”
    this happens with both types of upload, via the form, and via the import-from-folder method.

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    We plan to fix the problem today. In the worst case, the new version of the plugin will be released at Monday.

    Plugin Author


    The problem was fixed. Please download the latest version of plugin – 2.7.

    I’ve updated the plug-in. Still no go with regard to successful upload of new slider.

    Where can we download the desktop app? On your site?

    I updated to 2.7 wowslider plugin and it Did get rid of the “Warning: Missing argument 1 for WOWSlider_List_Table::bulk_actions(), called in /home/transigm/public_html/new-site/transigmapartners/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-list-table.php on line 768 and defined in /home/transigm/public_html/new-site/transigmapartners/wp-content/plugins/wowslider/list-table.php on line 119”

    However, it still is “Static” and will not change from first pic even if you click on the arrows.
    *In Firebug, I get “TypeError: e is undefined ….jquery 1.8.3 Line 2”

    Copied error below in ().

    TypeError: e is undefined
    Line 2)

    Webpage I am building and testing wowslider (2 of them on this page at bottom):

    Thanks! I really like the effects of the wowslider before the WP 3.5 Update and looking for to it again and buying.

    i’ve uploaded the 3.5 update for 20-10 theme for wordpress (using IE explorer) and the update to fix the post 3.5 problems. I’m getting “wrong slider” in pink when I try to upload in the way I have many times before.

    Have tried many alternatives but am failing to get anything but “wrong slider.” Any suggestions. I’m not a coder.



    I had Wowslider trial and bought the full version which I installed yesterday. Then I updated my WordPress yesterday afternoon. Now my slider is a static picture of the first picture.

    I also installed the plugin update yesterday.

    Will there be an update soon to get the slider working again? This is a new website that I want to announce to friends, etc. but don’t want to until the slider is working correctly.


    I solved the problem, and perhaps the solution is at hand as well for others similarly affected.

    As advised, update the plug-in to its 2.7 iteration.

    Then be sure you have the 2.7.1 desktop version.

    Once I uploaded my desktop version, I was able to upload new/revised slides.

    I still had my link to download the full-install version.

    Hope this helps.

    Cheers from the Southwest, of Ohio



    You gave me a ray of hope. I uploaded the 2.7.1 version, erased the old version with control panel first, and was able to download the slider to wordpress with the usual code.

    I loaded it onto a post as I normally would and just got a blank spot. Tried to load on post in visual and html and it just left a blank spot on the preview.

    I’m baffled.


    Ken Gray

    I can actually watch the plugin run on the slider page but the code won’t tranlate to a post.

    I have no idea why it won’t load there. I’ve removed WOW slider from both desktop and wordpress and reloaded them. Added the latest update and yet still when I load the code to the page — i get nothing.

    I really like the slider but i’ve spent a lot of time on this. Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be. Am I making a mistake here with the process?



    I uninstalled the desktop version… downloaded from the site… reinstalled it.

    I deleted off the Wow on my WordPress and redownloaded and activated.

    Started from scratch with a new slider and uploaded it. Then changed the style sheet for my header where I had it working before.

    Still doesn’t work. Still just shows the first image only.

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