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  • I was a bit skeptical about this plugin just because I was a bit “afraid” to touch my database. Having absolutely NO knowledge of what is normal and what is not… my elementor plugin grew the post_meta database to 1399MB(!). I was tearing my hair out over the slow site until I found the database was the problem.

    Then I found the sweep plugin… three sweeps later (thousands of “revisions” and thousands of “duplicated post meta” and one sweep at the end to “optimize the tables”) My elementor database size shrunk to 81MB (webshop with thousands of products and variations) and is running smoothly now. I had no problems with this at all.

    Thank you so much for this fantastic tool!

    There is one thing that could be improved — but this really might be only because I had such a huge amount to sweep… the plugin page seemingly just stayed stuck on “sweeping…” I let it run for hours because I was afraid what would happen if I switch it off in the middle but eventually I did just refresh the page and it showed there was nothing left to sweep. So it might be nice to add some alert message that it finished or something similar.

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