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    I have just checked your pages.

    You have problems with “script.js” files. For some reasons there are additional line breaks in your files.

    Please open “script.js” file:

    You’ll see the following code at the end of file:

    It should be one line, without line breaks. There is 1 line break in “script.js” file for “Loft Conversion & Roofing” page and 3 line breaks in “script.js” file for “Painting & Decorating” page.

    You should remove these additional line breaks. You can find “script.js” files on your server, open them in any text editor (for example, Notepad) and make changes.

    * “Loft Conversion & Roofing” page. File is here:
    * “Painting & Decorating” page. File is here:
    * “Plumbing” page. Unfortunately, I couldn’t open this page. It seems that you send us a broken link.


    Thanks for your help, I was not able to reply until now and unfortunately this issue is not resolved as stated in the title!

    This is the link for


    I have edited the files on the server but the line breaks which you say are there, when I try to delete the space to make it all continuous, it is not possible since they delete the character preceeding i.e. they are not linebreaks but just word wrapping.

    I give Painting & Decorating as an example to confirm if they are the same line breaks you are talking about.

    In any case, I have gone through each line and checked if there were any spaces/line breaks but again all it appears to be word wrapping.

    I reinstalled WOWSlider & reploaded all the zip files just in case but it hasn’t solved the issue.


    (Please be aware that unfortunately, the hosting server for Heliohost is very unreliable at times and you may get timed out if you are trying to load my site at times)

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    I have just checked your links. Line breaks are still there. Please see attached screenshot:
    As you can see, code takes lines 41, 42, 43, 44, but should take line 41 only.

    Actually, WOWSlider shouldn’t generate these line breaks. Could you send us generated module “”, so we can check it?


    Ah thanks. I will download Notepad++ and see if I can fix it manually.

    The wowslider.cip I generated for Painting & Decorating is here:


    I changed the Painting & Decorating on only to have no line breaks but it didn’t appear to make a difference.

    I just uploaded a new script.js without the line breaks file rather than reinstalling the
    Have I done it right?

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    Thanks for this report. I have sent it to our developer team. They’ll try to fix this problem in the next version.

    Ah appears it’s a bug.

    Look forward to the new version.

    Thanks so much for your help!

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    Symbol “&” in the “Title” field causes this problem.

    Thank you. I will try using the + symbol instead.

    I removed all the ampersands (&) in any text I had put in the sliders but that didn’t appear to make a difference…then I checked the script.js for every page that was malfunctioning and noticed that it still created line breaks in the JQuery as you noticed before. I edited every script.js in Notepad++ to remove the breaks, manually removed the script.js from each folder in the server then uploaded the new one.

    This was a little hard work as it meant lots of uploading, deleting, editing, updating etc.

    I imagine there is a bug here somewhere for your team to work on but have no idea where.

    However, now the slides are working as expected. Thanks

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    Our developers will try to fix this problem in the future versions.

    I am seeing a small sliver of the next (?) image on the left side of the slider. Can I fix it?

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    I have just checked your page. WOWSlider has a conflict with your “style.css” file:
    Open it in any text editor, find the following lines:

    .sidebar ul li img,
    .sidebar ol li img {
    	display: inline;
    	margin: 0 2px;
    	vertical-align: middle;

    Line margin: 0 2px; causes the problem.

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