• Purchased Formidable Pro on Oct. 10, 2012. I needed help. I submitted to the forum earlier today, but was looking for a better way to contact the team.

    I posted this on Facebook for support: “I love your plug-in, but I really need better support. The forum just isn’t doing it for me.”

    Their reply: “Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s not okay to complain about support five minutes after asking a question. Especially when you don’t have a paid account.”

    Honestly, check your records. Even if I wasn’t a paid customer (which I am) that comment would turn me off from the service. I was thinking about upgrading to the multi-site version, but now I’ll find an alternative.

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  • I had great experience with Formidable’s own support forums. If you’re a paid customer, try those – my questions have been answered very fast there. A day or so wait is considered a very good reply time pretty much anywhere… Another professional plugin community I’m a member of ($$ paid) usually takes at least 3-5 days.

    You post on their support system a few hours back and you are already complaining about not having received a response?!

    I too, have received fantastic support and can only commend them with praise on their level of service.

    I have ALWAYS received responses within 24 hours, and it would be even sooner if I was located on the same side of the world as them.

    You must be logged in when posting comments in order for them to see you are a paid customer. Are you sure you were logged in?

    I have never received responses in a shorter timeframe with anyone else. I recommend this plugin to any developer serious about forms development.

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