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  • So I’ve been searching and searching to find a simple – non logging in situation where a user can share a picture and have it post on a user submitted category page.

    Seems like this one would work, it’s got it so you can have it go just to the file you intend and it seems to work on the outside.

    But when I plugged it in, the images wouldn’t share, only the post would!

    So I went searching to find out whats up and all I find is a bunch of people throwing code around like its frekn candy! I have no idea what the hell any of it means and I’m a webmaster for a living!

    Why is it that I need to plug in additional code to a plugin and the plugin not tell me I need too? If so why do you have this available to the general public and their blogs?

    You should take your code to an open source site if your going to pull this kind of party!

    GREAT IDEA DUDE, but you earn a FAIL on my end. I don’t understand it and it frustrates the crap out of me because there is just crap for user submitted image plugins!

    I mean am I wrong here? I did see others complaining about the image part of this too, why did you release this if it’s so buggy man?

    So what’s the deal? Tutorial maybe??

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