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  • Have been a user of LifterLMS for about 1 full year now and, some moments were bumpy from 2.7 to 3.0, but it has never let me down or had issues. My interactions with the developers have been rocky at times as well, but had a chance to meet the main developer Thomas at a WordCamp to smooth that all out.

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  • Plugin Contributor Chris Badgett


    Thank you for the kind words WPCrafter! We really appreciate it!

    Enjoy LifterLMS

    I totally agree Adam.

    There is no way that you can trust a product that chops and changes it’s underlying native integration with commonly used other services, to a stand alone – we might charge for this later on version.

    I certainly will not be upgrading to v3.0 and will be actively looking for another LMS system. Currently on one of my websites I use LearnDash and was enjoying the difference of LifterLMs, but now feel that the “bait and switch” changes makes LifterLMS too expensive and untrustworthy.

    How many more changes are there planned to gut the original program into many smaller add-ons in order to fill the coffers?


    Adam is right,
    but only
    if one values free products
    much more than great products.

    The communication about the changes were not good, not good at all…
    …and that is a thing that is very hard, and is often only understood when one gets the experience of the consequences of poor communication in the public eye (which any time when there is a group that cares/are affected by what one says/not say…)

    Personally, I believe that LifterLMS is the LMS-product in the WP space with most promise, and these changes are most likely necessary…if that means that some people are unhappy, then that is as always…the people trying to please everyone, rarely do anything of value…
    However, if LifterLMS will not create a great product, then they are in trouble, but that would have been the case anyway.

    I look forward to better communication from Chris at LifterLMS, and I think that is on the way.
    I have followed this product closely since before it was released, and at times been quite critical, because of business model, and product design choices, because I saw the potential of creating the next generation of LMS…and this is likely a step that makes great things more likely.

    Lastly, if someone is interested in creating really great trainings, then the automated payment/sign ups are probably not the way to go anyway…
    No elite teams accept anyone wanting to join, even if they want to pay money…the are individually vetted…
    Just a thought.


    Is this true? Will these former free features be paid upgrades? The WooCommerce integration was one of the main reasons I choose to go with LifterLMS. I am still in the process of setting up the course with LifterLMS, but now I am unsure if I continue or have to switch to another plugin.

    I recently have contributed (for free) 538 german translations (see and was looking forward to the new version (with my translations). Please delete my contributions if it is true and you are suddenly changing your basic concept and take out the free WooCommerce integration.

    It’s a dishonest behavior.
    Bye bye Lifter LMS

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    Same opinion here. Migrating as we speak.

    And their response? Public trashing of the reviewer on YouTube. Awful.

    Sometimes we come across d***heads. Best to keep walking.

    It became pretty evident that people would not be upgrading on this plugin given the former feature set. I mean, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? PayPal was included and with WooCommerce integration you could also get free compatibility with Stripe. But hey, you can still offer your courses for free to grow your list!

    I can understand why Adam here is a bit yanked. He had put a lot of effort in time on videos in which he piggybacked Lifter LMS for his affiliate offers. A good lesson for non-techies, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. Also, a good reason to always consider going with premium plugins for mission critical functions.

    In saying the above, one stars are probably still appropriate since it would seem that proper communication should have been posted that things were about to change so that present users had some time to make their decision.

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