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  • Is there an updated guide for the app settings? The guide I found on the plugin website had screenshots that didn’t match the current FB app settings. Looks like it’s been updated with a lot of complicated stuff and I’m not sure what settings to do. Just looking for an explanation of the basic settings needed to enable the autopost and comments integration with the current FB settings scheme for the apps. I’m totally lost.

    In the plugin settings, the “grant sfc permission” is not a button, just some text that’s not clickable. The token section below has all tokens not found, suggests re-saving to no avail. Tried the offical FB plugin first, but it led me down a rabbithole of apps and opengraph and such and I am completely lost. As of now, I’m having those errors and the manual post buttons aren’t showing up either, just an error message saying “If you can see this, then there is some form of problem showing you the Facebook publishing buttons. This may be caused by a plugin conflict or some form of bad javascript on this page. Try reloading or disabling other plugins to find the source of the problem.”

    I don’t want to bother you with a huge support ticket, I figure an updated fb settings tutorial I could follow would solve it all.


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