• Wow. I’ve been piddling around with my site for months, and really there’s not a great deal to it, just 6 pages. But over those months, I’ve tried an inordinate number of layouts, templates (Elementor) and swapped in and out different images, etc.

    I threw this puppy in on a recommendation and found I had 1650+ unused images in the database. Are you NUTS? So I went in and deleted them all. I had to step through 16 pages of lists to delete them all (although each page has a select ALL button for each page), so the process took a few minutes.

    I still wasn’t convinced I could possibly have accumulated THAT many images, so to see if there was any difference in the size of my site, I exported the database using All In One Migration (another superb plugin), and LO AND BEHOLD, my database has shrunk from 6000+ files to 4000+ files! But, moreover, the database had shrunk from 378 MB to 275 MB.

    The difference in page loading? Not much that I could detect; however, migrating the database was another story: much faster.

    Recommend this plugin! Did a great job. Try it. You might find that your ‘innocuously’ small website that you’ve been fussing with over the months has got some serious backend baggage!

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