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  • The process of picking a Theme is mind-boggling. Understandable that Programmers, thinking about how the code works, design things like they do. I found a lot of nice themes that, with a little CSS, would, probably, work. BUT I do not (that is NOT) want to learn code! I just want a theme that will do what I need. I have been working with it for about a month. So this is a preliminary review.

    First, a great, impressive menu system. I’ve seen blog after blog that posts tons of inspired and wonderful ideas but there are few ways to find what you want, when you go back to that blog. I’m writing a Bible Study website. I need my readers to easily find the chapter of the book they want to read about. Mantra lets that happen. Easily. And I absolutely love the way the menu is positioned at the bottom of the Header Picture. That’s what attracted me to this theme in the first place.

    Second, and the reason I almost did not give it Five Stars, is that it does not have secure registration and log-in. But I get that many site owners would want to use a plug-in for this. And for them, that would just be extra, useless, code to slow down their site. It seems to work well with the plug-ins I’ve tried.

    The “click here to read more” function is wonderful.

    I hate that my biography shows up just above the Comments Box. I could not figure out how to reposition it. This is a negative as far as the rating is concerned, but not enough to make it four stars. I discovered that, by elimination my biography in the WordPress Porfile, I can add it to the widget/footer section at the bottom of the page. Consider my rating to be 4 & 1/2 stars.

    I wish Cryout Creations would put a feature comparison chart on their website. Mantra is, so far, working well for me. I really like it. I am seeking a Theme for a different blog/web-site. A comparison chart would be helpful. I have decided on a couple of Cryout Creations themes, as they seem to be one of very few theme designers that make it possible for me to do what I am thinking…without knowing code.

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