• Toolset Types (TT) is one of those plugins that if you take the time to learn it, you can accomplish really good results. It makes connecting information easy and being able to use the whole Model View Controller (MVC) approach through the Views plugin is also really good. My initial usage of this plugin was via migrating a site from Drupal with another plugin. It said to use TT to view the Post Types and Taxonomies that it had created to store the migrated data. I installed TT and having a desire to further develop the site using the views methodology, I was drawn by the ability for this plugin to do what I needed and so I bought a single site license.
    Once I started using the plugin, I was blown away by how easy it was to accomplish so pretty complex information tasks. This is where things started coming apart. The power was there but it seemed pretty locked down and I got confused fast. The documentation and support staff were very thorough and that is great but it seemed like there was not clear way to approach the plugin set. I ended up putting it down for nearly 6 months.
    TT enables you to build without the use of writing code like PHP. So….. what if I want to use PHP? What if I want to do things that TT cannot do in a logical way but I could do it easily in PHP. Well TT was kinda capable but it starts to get clunky and the syntax to interact with the fields from PHP I found not logical and sadly, very confusing.
    The holistic approach to web design is great if it is done in a logical way. TT aimed at doing this through the different plugins. I really wanted to like TT but sadly, I ended up finding some others who had similiar experiences and who showed me how to migrate to another Post type and Taxonomy management plugin. It took a few hours as I had about 6 extra post types and about that again in taxonomies. It worked though and then I could totally remove this plugin. Finally, I used Zurb Foundation (ZF) as my Responsive framework and TT installs Bootstrap 3 (BS3) which it states that I must have it to make the plugin work. That in itself caused issues with ZF and I could not remove BS3 no matter what I dtried. I should have worked out that TT uses BS3 in the other plugins for layout. When it all came to it, I needed something to mange Post Types and Taxonomies and so why should I have to install an entire responsive framework to do this.
    If you read this TT devs, please realise that I am not attacking your company. What you have created is great if people build entirely in your specs. It just did not work for me.
    Oh, the whole upgrade to a paid subscription I don’t like at all. I will be migrating all of the sites I have used TT in to the other plugin and managing my plugins with another field creator plugin which does everything that I need and does not force me to change my dev approach.

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    • This topic was modified 4 years, 3 months ago by muzKore.
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