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  • I gave this plug-in a try. For a week, and it was very apparent within the 1st two days this was horrible compared to what I’m using and what I had been using.
    A whoule combination of a real seo plug-in WordPress SEO plugin matched with scribe the Seo/content plug-in.
    I know you’re going to say scribe costs more well maybe so however you get what you pay for copy blogger is doing extremely well using scribe in fact them, and SEOmoz writes the book on this stuff.

    This plug-in tries to be everything along with the toaster and is great for people who don’t know what they’re doing at all they actually believe that the so-called analytics in this plug-in that tell you when Google has indexed the site is because the plug-in made happen. That’s not the way it works. It should not be taking content that gives back links to who knows with those photos and plagiarism tool.
    Honestly if anyone tried to write for a living and use this and the person paying checked you would lose a lot of credibility.

    The live assistant. is a lot of baloney to you truly believe it is a good thing to get your site constantly pinged by this company?. This is a stupid Google ad words tool with a really ugly interface to go with it and a favicon generator on top.

    The idea of a seo plug-in is to Blend in without screaming on the page in bright colors for no reason in addition be on the cutting-edge. I’m not talking about copying existing software and an all-in-one junk plug-in I don’t mean to be harsh, but that’s what I see. You stole from scribe you tried to steal from Yoast, and you made a Frankenstein that gets people who don’t know anything about search engine optimization to blog, and they see that by blogging they have in fact gained momentum. Well you don’t need your plug-in for that and you don’t have an analytics at in that allows parameters something any seo worth their salt would want.

    I’m sorry I’ve had such a negative experience, but you implied this plug-in was wonderful and frankly it’s a monster just you try to remove. This plug-in will possibly break your theme if you try to remove it. You all to get constant errors afterwards. It makes me mad to get under way to have your old plug-in error, plug-ins that should have been deleted, and because however, I see constant reminders I am reminding you to write better code. I don’t mean to be so harsh, but it had to be said. most people don’t understand how much the code that a plug-in is built from matters, and this is a poorly coded plugin.

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