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  • I’ve started a site to publish the works of CH Spurgeon in a modern blog format. I believe the weblog format makes the documents more accessible to readers by having site search capabilites, archive page, categories etc. However would you still classify it as a blog? Any opinions on this? Check it out at
    Any comments will be welcomed.

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  • Clasification is over rated. Call it what you want. Blog sounds fine to me.


    Blogs are evolving. So calling this a blog just helps that evolution. Regardless of what you would call it, it just shows how flexible and adaptable the medium is.

    i use wp for everything. i take it more as a publishing tool than a blog tool in general 🙂

    Thanks guys, for all the feedback. What I like about WordPress is its simplicity. I really loved the 5 minute install. It really worked the first time for me. But then WordPress is also able to scale as required. As I learn more about the software I really appreciate its flexibility as a publishing tool rather than just a blogging software.
    In addition the support forum is really helpful for new users, but I feel that the documentation can be improved quite a bit.
    Setting up this site has been a great learning experience for me. Thanks to the great work by the developer team and also to all the volunteer gurus in the support forum.

    I forgot to mention that the template used is Root’s Gemini.
    Root, thanks for sharing it with the community.

    When I first discovered WordPress, I attempted to hack it into a general purpose CMS, since I am not into blogging – either reading them or writing them. I decided to use something else for the CMS, but I still use WordPress on two sites, neither one of which is a blog, in the generally-accepted sense of the word.
    On my business site, I use WordPress as a sort of “What’s new” running ticker of activities and news.
    On my personal site, I simply use WordPress as an easy way to add content to a site that has been evolving constantly since 1995. Perhaps this site will evolve into a blog, owing to the WordPress influence.

    All running smoothly I hope ?

    Yup. So far so good, and it’s also running on 1.3 Alpha 2.

    call it a website 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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