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    Hello there WordPress world-

    I am relatively new to wordpress and ever since I discovered it, my days have been full of web design adventure. So please be gentle in your review if you can.

    I like to call what I’ve attempted a “Custom Music Site” (under construction of course).

    I would love some feedback on design and layout, functionality and general appeal.

    Need for CForms Support: I am having a hard time getting CFormsII to work right. Give it a try. I’m not getting any data sent back to me. Wondering about email formatting issues in the admin email config section. It says “aa@bb.zz” and my email has a 3-digit domain extension. Is that a problem? Also that other .js file with the URI links may be formatted incorrectly. I disabled AJAX to see if that would make it work, but no luck. Any ideas?

    Anyway – at least enjoy my music. Feel free to download it and share the sample files on the front page with anyone who might enjoy it or benefit from it.

    And thanks for being part of the new web.

    -Catherine Scholz

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  • I like the layout . . . clear, inviting. Of course, it helps to have content worth the trouble, and your music is certainly that!

    What do you use for the flash music players?

    Moderator kmessinger


    It would be great if you would post in the proper section.

    Are you having an installation problem? If not, you should be Your WordPress. You might have better results there.

    Nice site! Maybe put a text introduction on the homepage though. Google will have an easier time picking it up if you do and it would be nice to hear about what type of music and everything.

    How did you do the music like that?

    I used OnePixelOut for the player.

    Thanks for your feesback!


    I like the site to (and some nice music on it). I hope I can implement a music player like that once! 🙂

    To improve your site:

    Maybe you could remove the “Written by Catherine Scholz • March 2, 2008 • No Comments” and make the title a little more outstanding from the rest of the site.

    I really enjoyed your music. You are very talented and the site looks great. One of the better ones i have seen recently.

    TVDinner at

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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