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  • I’m planning on running WordPress for one of my websites, but would like to know if this was possible. I’ll quickly summarize the general features of the website:

    The site will have 3 main sections: news, articles, and games.

    News will be basic blog posts I guess.

    Articles will consist of reviews and editorials (will need to be able to distinguish between the two.)

    And games will display a list of games each linked to their own game page. Each game page will display two main things:

    (1) The same set of game information (such as release date and genre; I’m guessing this is done with custom fields), and
    (2) Links to their related content (the news and articles that I mentioned earlier; perhaps when creating news/articles, the admin can select a game from a drop-down menu?).

    The website will also have 3 categories: Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. Selecting one of the categories, say Microsoft, will display the news, articles, and games for Microsoft only. Otherwise, it just displays everything. Perhaps this is made possible by adding a drop-down menu to select a category when creating news/articles/games?

    Also, each category with have its own theme (similar layout but different colors, basically.)

    Is WordPress capable of such a complex site? Thank-you.

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  • I imagine that your site will consist of several PAGES and then your three CATEGORIES containing your POSTS.

    The three categories would off course be news, articles & games. When you create a post, make sure you tick the right box for which category it goes into, that way, when you visit the news page, only posts from the news category will be dispalyed.

    All the other pages, home, contact about etc, would in fact be PAGES.

    Hope this helps.

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