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  • We have done a fair amount of customization to our blog towards what we hope is a improved model for team blogging that facilitates better focus on authors and topics. It is a cross between a team blog (multiple authors on the same blog) and a Multi User blog (each author having their own blog, i.e. MU WordPress),

    I have reworked the customizations into a single plugin we call the Blog Matrix (mainly because it sounds cool). I think the Matrix plugin would be useful for anybody that wants multiple authors on the same blog, or way to get some MU WordPress-like functions without the complexities of the MU installation.

    I have written a post explaining how the Matrix works.

    Intro to the Blog Matrix
    (you may want to skip down to the demo)

    I would love to get opinions about if WordPress users would find this blog model useful and any suggestions for improvement.

    Thanks in advance

    Note; for right now only review the Matrix plugin functions. We have not finalized the blog, i.e. the XHTML does not validate yet (maybe next week).

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  • Hi tomedue48

    I read your intro – excellent stuff. I would be very interested in this plugin. My writing website will have multiple authors submitting multiple content, and what you’re offering would be ideal. Please let me know when you have it up and running for public use.

    Great work.

    We finally got the plugin finished. Read about and download it here:

    Level10 Blog Matrix WordPress Plugin

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