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    (no sniggering he)
    My poor blog has been languishing without extra functionality goodies for weeks while I’ve been learning more security measures than Homeland Security. I’m down to the last chapter and getting spyware insertion attempts on the throwaway machine I’m using. My last target is the FeedBurner feed.

    I’m pretty much ready to dump FB regardless of my remaining subscribers …I already lost all the old links and ranks by abandoning Blogger. Before I go ahead, though, I’m trying to learn whether their feed is normal.

    FB used to be awesome, but since G bought them last spring things have changed. No more help on the forums, etc. Best of all, it turns out they’re now putting out a 20+ year cookie ala Google’s 30 year one.

    Any input on the following would be appreciated:

    1. found in a feed validation doc the following urls
      • the last one is the home page of Network Solutions
    2. find 2 cookies at verabass(dot)com
      the first is named dbx-postmeta with a value of
      the second appears to be FB

    I am using no other plugins or tracking devices that should create cookies. Traffic is being managed at a higher level.

    If anyone can suggest whether all the above is standard op for feeds I’d appreciate it. Might as well learn what it was, especially if any of it shouldn’t have been there, before I dump it, mop up the db, and become a cookie free zone. 🙂

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  • VeraBass


    Apparently there are live bodies at FB or G. Shortly after I posted this the feed magically shed all the alien urls, including those I posted above, and the only cookie remaining is a ‘stored until end of session’ one. I’m glad that I saved all the info offline. The value in my sql FB query even politely re-wrote itself. Amazing, huh? Now I can ponder further the endless info piling up on this stuff.
    Thank you to anyone who took a look for me. 🙂

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