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  • Or in this case, less registration steps. I’m not fond of my Users not being able to pick their password right from the start. Then there is the process of activating and confirming as separate steps.

    There has to be a good plugin that provides more options and works with 2.8.6.

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  • Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    Have you tried Theme My Login by Jeff Farthing?

    I am using this on my social bookmark site – Blogrity and love it. Plugin says it is compatible up to 2.9-rare

    Thanks…very clean and simple for the user. The question is now, how has it worked with spam?

    Nile Flores


    Yoast Support

    I have not really had any problems with spam on Blogrity using Theme My Login. However, if you are concerned, you can always team it up with a captcha to hopefully ward off spammers.

    is another one….this one has the captcha built in I believe…
    (it says it’s only compatible up to 2.6, but I’m using it on 2.8.6)

    Thanks blondishnet.

    RVoodoo, I couldn’t get Register Plus to work for 2.8.5. I wonder if I missed something. Just install and use? I was working pretty late on it. Once I got Theme My Login installed, it worked as I wanted it for my users, so I gave a *golf clap* and went to bed.

    Using Theme My Login I haven’t had any spam since using it. I know it’s just been a couple of days, but I usually get one signup a day.

    Yes, if anyone knows of any security measures we can take for the theme my login plugin, post them here. Right now, they register with a sidebar widget, they get email and login. Too easy!

    Try yourself:

    Hey guys,

    looking at Theme My login and it looks good. However, wondering if there is anything that would allow me to collect a little more information. For example, First and last name.

    I think Registration Plus allows for this, but I have been reading that it isn’t working.


Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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