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  • This is an amazing plugin (seriously, check these guys out). the only reason I don’t give 5 stars is because of the following:
    – YouTube/Vimeo functionality currently doesn’t work
    – this might just be a temporary bug!
    – it just shows the default YouTube/Vimeo player, no FV Player or playlist
    – tested on “Twenty Nineteen” theme, no plugins, hosted on digitalocean, PHP 7.0

    I will gladly change rating to 5 stars if this issue can be corrected! Or, if this is now a premium feature, please update the plugin documentation. I spent over 15 hours testing this plugin, and everything was GREAT, except I can’t use this plugin until the above is sorted out. Best of luck to you.

    PS: The owner/creator of the plugin does comment on here, and I just wanted to mention that upon reading his replies to 1-star reviews (some of which were very informative and addressed important issues) made me question purchasing a license in the near future, purely out of concern that I may experience a misunderstanding with support, resulting in the loss of a paid license and no refund. In fact, just by bringing attention to this in my review has me wondering if I’ll be blacklisted from purchasing a license forever—which is unfortunate because I really, really, want to buy their Pay-Per-View license!

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  • Plugin Author FolioVision


    Hi Art,

    Thanks for your reasonable review (a pleasant exception to these binary reviews which go to 1 star immediately).

    Let me address your issues in order:

    YouTube/Vimeo functionality currently doesn’t work

    Currently YouTube and Vimeo embed functionality is a placeholder for the pro plugin. I.e. you get the pro features for YouTube and Video when you upgrade. I’ve been planning to build in a basic YouTube and Vimeo native integration for more than a year but we were busy with major improvements to playlist and moving to a database structure. That work is mostly complete.

    Next up is an interface update (the core of the original interface dates back quite a few years), both in terms of look and functionality. We’ll improve our Gutenberg support while we’re working on interface issues but any improvements will also support and include Classic Editor and ClassicPress. After that we plan to restructure the plugin and include YouTube and Vimeo basic support.

    (some of which were very informative and addressed important issues) made me question purchasing a license in the near future, purely out of concern that I may experience a misunderstanding with support, resulting in the loss of a paid license and no refund.

    Thanks for inquiring about our support policies. As you noted we provide informative and important information in our replies. Foliovision is a no-BS zone.

    We won’t pretend to be nice (actually we are nice but just not phony nice) while providing incompetent answers or upgrading you to a $279/site package (a well-known SEO plugin on or $1200/site packages for basic eCommerce (both of the well-known WordPress ecommerce platforms). The latter two of those are supposed to provide unlimited free support but it doesn’t go very far (we’re customers of one of them). The SEO guys don’t even provide much support with their license.

    We run a customer-centric business focused on helping small publishers overcome the difficulties of independent publishing in an affordable and sustainable way. We’ve been “making the web work for you” for thousands of small publishers for over twelve years now, starting with advanced Typepad to WordPress migrations.

    Our free plugins are truly free and very powerful (check them out, FV Clone Screen Options is a gem, our WYSIWYG editor still works better than TinyMCE on desktop). We’re not thrilled to see WordPress turn into a commerce only zone, dominated by companies who play on their relationships to Automattic to create effective monopolies on what was originally supposed to be FOSS software.

    But those are bigger issues and for another day. Our commitment is to the small publishers who use our software and not WordPress.

    I’m not sure I understand why you’d be blacklisted for leaving an honest and reasonable review. If you had us do work on your very broken website which turned out perfectly and came on here to give us a 1 star review as you don’t like paying for web development, you might have reason for concern. WordPress should be doing a lot better job of moderating these reviews. Support requests, revenge reviews and direct falsehoods (saying a feature doesn’t exist when it does) should all be removed.

    The moderators have a mixed attitude. Samuel “Otto” Wood is of the opinion that anything qualifies as a review no matter how inaccurate or unqualified – the ultimate laissez-faire capitalist approach. Unless of course it’s an Automattic property or Automattic driven project or an Automattic partner (some of those plugins I mentioned above). In that case it’s “protecting WordPress users from false information”.

    Watch most of this answer get erased in this “free marketplace of ideas”.

    Thanks, Alec

    Alec, thanks for the warm response! Quickly, just wanted to address the 4 stars- your FV player documentation (i.e. “Using YouTube with FV Player” page) advertises a YouTube branded player wrapped inside an FV Player (not specified as a “pro” version). Am I safe to assume this is not included in the free FV player? If so, let me know when you get that documentation updated to say “pro” and I’ll gladly update the star rating to it’s deserving 5-stars. I’m only leaving this up because I lost 15 hours tinkering with documentation, google, wordpress, etc. when I thought YouTube and Vimeo were offered inside FV player (it does mention it on the WordPress plugin banner) and am saving someone else that headache until this gets updated.

    Also, I’m very interested in FV player (video + wordpress) and I appreciate the new features being implemented, as well. Hope to resolve any documentation errors and possibly utilize FV player in the very near future 🙂

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    • This reply was modified 4 months, 3 weeks ago by  Art.
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