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  • em


    There’s a lot of great coding here that makes the galleries extremely usable once you get the hang of their approach. BUT…

    NextGEN Gallery insists on putting marketing updates and pleas for ratings at the top of your Dashboard. While this might be an excusable form of spam on your precious screen space, it cannot be disabled for YOUR visitors who have any kind of dashboard use (Authors, Contributors, Editors, Subscribers) … as such THEY are subjected to NextGEN’s invasive ads.

    The support team was engaged, prompt and direct about the situation, describing it as a “WordPress feature.” (FWIW, none of my other WordPress plugins behave in such an invasive manner, so feels more like a bug than a feature.)

    Sure, users can dismiss the notices – after reading them. Or you, as Admin, can log in to EVERY new user account and dismiss this dribble before they get there … either way this is how NextGEN is wasting our precious time and attention.

    Reaching beyond a plugin’s user to reach that users’ own website visitors – and posting confusing and totally irrelevant advertisements to your own traffic base, with requests for a rating (!), etc., is beyond poor web etiquette.

    Well, they insist on asking for a rating over and over again, so here it is. 🙁

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    • This topic was modified 1 month, 3 weeks ago by em.
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