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  • When my users tweet from the button, I would really like it to say Via @myTwitterID – instead of just the title. Is that possible? Otherwise, it’s a great plug-in so far.

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  • I would advise you to be more accurate and detailed in your review of E-MAILiT in order not to mislead any non-users. It infuriates me to see sloppy 2-line reviews about great wordpress plugins. Any responsible user would first contact the support team, then wait for his/her issue to resolve, and only then would he/she be able to write a valid review.

    An E-MAILiT fan (from the version 1.0)

    “Advise me…” to change my review? Or what? LOL. I didn’t “mislead” anyone. This plug-in, at the time of my review, did not append a Twitter User Name to tweets from the share button. I DID contact the support and they said the feature I asked about would be in a future version, but didn’t give me a timeling. Since I needed this feature now, I chose a different plug-in that already meets my needs out-of-the-box and rated this plug-in accordingly. It’s a social media marketing basic to share the blog author’s Twitter ID. In my opinion, this plug-in (and any other Twitter plug-in) should not be developed without the option to append the author’s Twitter ID.

    There is nothing else I dislike about this plug-in. It works as advertised and doesn’t do anything special. It is at least comparable to several other plug-ins that I tried, but not as good as some of the others I have tried that do the same thing. In fact, it’s not as good as the one I chose that does Twitter Cards and several other features right out of the box.

    Otherwise, this is a good plug-in. My review IS valid. I have as much right to my opinion as anyone else does… including a “friend” of the developer. Funny that the only two posts (as of the date of this writing) you have left on any of these support forums are about this plug-in. Those post include your initial review of this plug-in AND you “advising” me to change my review.

    You are clearly biased – and your bias is misleading. Just because you disagree with me doesn’t make your opinion any more valid than mine.

    Well, I have to say that your comment is far more superior than your first one, because you explain better your point of view. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion, and right now it’s much more valid since you took the time and explained it. So maybe, you don’t like the word “advise”, however you did follow my train of thought, so thank you for improving your 1st comment.
    I suggest that you give this plugin a second chance and should you have the chance to communicate with the guys from the support team, I am sure that they would definitely become your “friends” too.

    Plugin Author E-MAILiT



    Dear user,

    your request has been resolved.
    we already published a detailed post to our support forum.

    Thank you very much for contacting us.

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