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  • those of you who have ever seen a psychiatrist for any extended time would know why i ask this. something they ask you to do if they put you on a mood stabilizer is to chart out your moods on a daily basis.

    way too labor intensive, and i figured combining this with my journal would be highly effective, which would involve finding a plug-in that attaches a “this is the mood i’m in currently” icon to each entry i post (i post about 50 entries a month). but then i realized that i would want to:

    1) custom tailor the moods myself, and
    2) be able to export a timeline graph of mood progression over, say, a month, within a day, or several years, and
    3) i don’t necessarily feel the need to have my moods for the day represented by images. if it would make it easier to export the data as a series, text would be cool.

    a basic csv export would be fine, but heck, a graph would be much better. basically, i would like a way to export just the mood status over a timeline of several years, separate from entries. or, at the very least, be able to append the mood status to the listing of my entries in my archives.htm page, much like comments are by default.

    does anyone know of a pre-existing plugin or hack that could be easily modified to do this? or a basic wordpress feature that i could modify a bit for this use?

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  • There are mood plugins, but I’m afraid I haven’t seen anything closely resembling a plugin that allows for export of any kind of information, but there are some VERY talented plugin authors around, so you never know if someone knows of a solution.

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