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  • When I use the Redirection plugin, the page forwards but any query string in the URL is lost.

    I mostly use this plugin for landing pages, which users reach by clicking on an email link or banner ad. This link includes a query string identifying the banner ad or email.

    When I forward to a new landing page, I don’t want to lose this information, so I can’t use the Redirection plugin as it is. Instead I have written my own code. However this would be a useful feature, to many other people as well I am sure.


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  • You should be able to do this already using the right regex.
    How were you trying to redirect ? (i.e. what settings were you using?)

    I was not using regex. The page I was wanting to forward was a parent page, and regex was forwarding all of the children as well. Maybe I didn’t do it correctly when I tried.

    I ended up writing my own code, so at this point it’s more just a recommendation for a feature add. Requiring someone to do regex in order to forward query variables feels less than ideal.

    dsals – I think I’m having a similar issue, but I’m non-technical. Curious to hear your or someone else’s thoughts.

    I use an email marketing tool that automatically appends UTMs to links in a campaign. Integration between this tool and google analytics is simple, but GA is not capturing any page view results. It appears the redirection plugin is removing the UTM variables before they can be captured and is redirecting to the landing page.

    Is this in parallel with your query string issue? Has anyone found a method of preventing redirection from doing this? I performed a site migration from static to wordpress a few months ago, and need the redirection plugin for 301 redirects.

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    Hi David,

    If you give me some sample code of how you were trying to redirect using the redirection plugin (i.e.: Source Url / Target Url and same sample original urls and preferred outcome), I can have go at giving you the right regexes as I’m pretty sure it can be done already.

    Based on the current information, however, I’d be guessing blindly, so please give me something more to go on 😉

    In that respect: same goes for @neocast as it does sound like a similar situation where you’re using the right tool, but not using the right regex to make it work correctly for you.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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