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    I have a Sims 3 gaming fan site where I like to tell stories. I have looked at a TON of the image/content sliders out there as possibilities to showcase my stories in a particular way, but so far, none of them are quite what I’m wanting. I’m not a coder (other than HTML/CSS), so creating my own or tweaking others is/may be beyond me. LOL

    My question is: Does anyone know if something like the following concept is possible with some kind of “image slider” out there and/or with WP and a plugin of some sort?

    What I would like to have is a post or page where I can embed a slideshow. Within that slideshow, I would like a picture (approx. 800px wide) with text beneath it – rich text, you know, with paragraphs and formatting and all.

    I would like the user to then click on the “next slide” arrow so that they would then see a new picture with more text/story beneath that. Rather like turning pages but without the complexity of something like “Issuu”. Just a simple slider, picture on top, a few paragraphs underneath, next slider please…

    I can envision that this kind of slider could use certain categories of posts to pull from (i.e., that all posts categorized as “StoryName Chap 1” would become the content of that slideshow) or that one could upload a certain number of slides and the “slide descriptions” would be the text beneath it (if rich text is an option there) or that the picture would be the “feature image” of a post and the text would come from the body of a post… stuff like that.

    But while I can conceptualize “how” this might work, I’ve not the ability to “make it so”, to quote a famous fictional Caption… 😉

    Does anyone know if there is something out there that could be tweakable for this sort of use? Is the answer right beneath my nose? Am I barking up an impossible tree?

    Thanks for any help or advice that anyone can give!

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  • Just thought I’d post a note that I solved this fairly well with SlideDeck 2. Didn’t really want to pay for a solution, but after getting it set up, I’m very happy I chose purchase it. Will soon be telling stories my way. 😉

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