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  • It is not the general policy to edit or delete forum posts. When a post is made and people contribute answers to an issue, that then becomes part of the community resource for others to benefit from. Deleting posts removes this added value. In extreme circumstances, the moderation team might be persuaded to remove sensitive information but. generally, your best course of action is not to publish anything that you wouldn’t want to be public. I’m sorry but this is not an extreme case.

    Hm but nothing actually got resolved…

    Instead of deleting the thread can I request that someone remove the website links? That would also resolve the issue.

    Please read my post above.

    Edit duplicate

    The only reason I would request this is because of an extreme case. The owner is threatening to void our contract (and thus I would have wasted a few months of work) because she feels that the fact that people know the site was cloned hurts her brand. I disagree since its looks drastically different but to avoid fighting over this all I require is to remove her link (the one that starts with the letter r). Because I didn’t get her permission to first post that topic I am the one at fault.

    Is this truly not a case where some edit powers could be used?


    Can we simply make it so it is like this?

    So that the website itslef is not listed but is still linked to?

    I’m sorry but by “extreme case”, we are referring to situations where someone’s personal safety is being threatened etc. A site url appearing in a post listed on the second page of Google explaining that its design was cloned as a favour to a friend is not extreme – no matter what the “friend” might think.

    By the way, have you checked your wife’s site out lately? It looks like it may have been hacked judging by the AV alerts I’m getting.

    ok thank you esmi. would my second suggestion work, where you don’t remove the link, but change the link to be a hyperlink as i have done in my post above?

    i’ll check about the site, but we haven’t noticed any errors as of yet, but thank you.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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