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  • Would installing Ultimate Tag Warrior right now be a bad idea considering the upcoming release of WordPress 2.2, which will include tagging support? Will 2.2 allow me to create related posts?

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  • I would just hold off until 2.2 comes out. I’ve had UTW running on for a while before the new tagging feature was implemented, and it was a biotch to manually edit XXX hundreds worth of tags to each post sigh.

    (That was because at first, the UTW tag importer imported the tags into their own “categories” giving me tons and tons of categories under the category select pane by the write post window sigh. Which, if I know right, won’t happen now during the import of UTW tags to WP tags now? )

    The importer worked like a charm after they fixed it though. 🙂 I guess it’s up to you though really. I’ve even implemented the new “tagging call codes” into the theme there, and have yet to create the tag cloud then.

    But, IMHO, I think it’s so much nicer then UTW! 😀

    Wow, so you have a beta version of 2.2 that you’re testing? I see how the tags seem to work. But my real question is whether 2.2’s tags will allow me to create a more accurate Related Posts section.

    Right now I’m using the Related Entries plugin from wasabi, and the related entries it serves up are sometimes not very related at all. I was thinking of using a plugin like Darren’s related posts plugin, but I don’t want to go back and add tags to 175 posts (if doing so will prove unwise after April 22).

    Will the WordPress 2.2 tagging feature allow me to create a Related Posts section? Or will it just hyperlink the tags?

    Also, what theme are you using on your spencer site? I liked that theme.

    Yeah, I’m running the SVN trunk/ copy of WP at all times. Right after 2.1 was officially released, they then started on 2.2-bleeding.

    Then, I keep checking (which comes to my Thunderbird mail client) the SVN email list for changed files, and download them accordingly. is the *only* site that is not running on a SVN CO of the trunk/. Which means I have to SVN checkout the trunk on the computer, then *only* upload the newest changed files via the FTP directory..

    My domain and other ones, I use SSH line commands to upgrade them all. Just type in: “svn up” on each one and hit enter.. it automatically updates/adds new changed files to them. 😀 I love it!

    As for that plugin you’re talking about, I’ve never used it before, so I’m not sure. I don’t remember off-hand if that was discussed on the wp-testers email list:

    You might want to join that above, and then post the question there? As for the theme on… I pretty much used a free theme way back when, gutted it.

    Then recoded it for my liking. The navigation images and search images were done up by me before last May. I just never got a theme done on the localhost to upload it, until the other Month lol! I had been using the Headspace theme for the longest time before though.. got tired of it sigh…

    But, I just put it together that way and kept improving on it then since. Reminds me, I gotta fix the “next page” links and stuff. It’s currently not working sigh.. Oh well.. I’ll get it then LoL!

    Thanks for all the info on the lists and otherwise. I appreciate your help.

    You’re welcome Tom. :);)

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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