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  • Mailpoet has the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life.

    It’s an OK plugin if you never need to ask a question or have an issue. And if you don’t need it to work reliably. Multiple times it would just not send, for no reason whatsoever (or at least not one they could ever figure out).

    It was pretty OK in the beginning – we started using them in 2015. We were with them about two years, and through the v2 to v3 transition, before the worst problems started.

    They give no proactive communication about problems or upcoming changes, take days (even on premium) to respond to requests for assistance/bug reports. And when they do reply to support emails (and subsequent replies are generally once a day if you’re lucky), they are rude, dismissive, and unresponsive to the issue, as well as incompetent.

    In trying to “fix” an issue, one of their support people deleted our plugin without permission or notification, either in advance or afterward. I logged in and it was just gone. It took most of a day to figure out what happened, and their response was infuriating at best.

    There were a few times in v2 where it would send out 10+ copies of our newsletter — and may have not stopped if I hadn’t noticed and stopped it. And took forever to respond and to fix the problem.

    When they switched to v3 the sending stats we were collecting went out the window with no notice they were taking them away, and no option to get them back. The analytics were not useful and lacked basic detail in the beginning, but now they were almost nonexistent.

    Once we randomly had 1,600 subscribers in our account who were not on any list. They couldn’t tell us how they got there or whether they were removed from one of our lists or had been imported fresh, or anything about them at all.

    They don’t know what’s going on from one department to another, so it once took them 2 days to figure out why our newsletters weren’t sending. That’s 3 days of no news to our subscribers. They also blame customers for problems with their plugin.

    Once the auto-renew of our subscription didn’t work, so we were canceled. It took 3 days of incorrect answers from them to figure out that all I had to do was go into our account and click one button and didn’t need them to do anything on their end. That’s 4 days of no news to our subscribers.

    Once when I was having a problem that they could not or would not fix, they said maybe I should just cancel my account. They would rather do that than actually address a problem.

    And they canceled our account without warning last week, alleging one of our links was on a spam list. The link in question is to a commercial insurance company – hardly shady. And we are a newspaper – we aren’t spamming anyone.

    They said we had too many bounces, but could not provide us stats on what was bouncing. We were adding so few new addresses that even if every single new one was a bad address, the bounce percentage would not be as high as they claimed it was. Also we use the same exact list in another, highly respected newsletter sending service and have had zero issue. They could never give an explanation for that.

    They also advertise that they check subscriber lists for bad addresses, but when I pointed that out they said they in fact do not do that.

    When I realized recently I didn’t need as big as a plan as I was paying for, I was told they don’t offer downgrades, only upgrades. That makes no sense at all.

    All I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE. WORST.

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