Support » Plugin: GDPR » Would Disabling Autoload on gdpr_requests Cripple the Plugin?

  • Dear developers, I run a busy site with a lot of activity and the size of gdpr_requests which is set to autoload upon installing the plugin is 2.7MB. That’s a lot of data for DB to pull with each click. Whereas my site serves on average 40 Million requests per day, the autoload on your plugin puts a lot of strain on the server resources. It is by far the highest of all autoloads – more than all the rest combined.

    Thus I was wondering whether disabling autoload would cripple the plugin. Obviously, I want to remain compliant with the GDPR directives, so I need the ability to submit the deletion etc requests to work, I just don’t think it’s necessary for the plugin to draw 2.7MB of data out of the database with each click. I get maybe 2 or 3 GDPR requests a month so the plugin is one of the least busy ones, but puts more strain on the server than any other.

    Please let me know whether it’s safe to turn autoload to NO in the database. Thank you.

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