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  • Frontpage been the typical loop with some excerpt for each post and nav menu pagination to browse pages of more and more post excerpts by publish date.

    But, what if the single post page is supposed to be also a loop with the only differences that:

    1. it will be under the url permalink for that very single post user will be reading.

    2. that post will be the first, being up in the page, and below will follow the same amount of posts as in the frontpage being those previous post published before that one by date, and with the nav browsing pagination below all.

    3. that post will show full content while the rest below will show only the excerpt as in the frontpage.

    In short, when you click a post excerpt in the frontpage, you go to the url permalink for that single post that appears up and with full content while the next posts by publish date are still shown below with excerpts.

    Now my question is.

    I know there are like 4 ways to call the loop, each one appropriate to do it for different purposes. Like while have post: the post, or get post, or wp get post, and another one.

    Question: Is any of those ways to call the loop a good way and efficient enough way to call the loop for each single post opened by users.

    Or would such an approach be overhelmming and drive wordpress nuts collapsing database or maybe using an absurdly high amount of resources.

    Ive considered less ambitious ideas like putting a box with 4 previous posts below the single post full content.

    But i would prefer this way unless you tell me thats mad because it would use an absurd high amount of resources with even a few users browsing the page.

    Also i have no idea how would such approach limit content caching, ive read that wordpress has no cache optimization at all, and that you must chose a plugin to have pages cached. Any way i have no idea if calling a loop on single pages would make everything not cacheable (although content would be always the same for each, but dumped dynamically).


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