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  • Joy


    Plugins are not deactivated due to errors, except on the Plugins page. On that page, the user is shown the message, so no email is needed. The Plugin Editor sandboxes the plugin, and doesn’t save the changes if the plugin causes an error.

    WP 5.2 added Recovery Mode, which does send the admin an email with a link to login after a fatal error, with the theme or plugin at fault is disabled (so that the login will work).

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    Thanks for the prompt reply, Joy!

    The error message I provided is indeed from the Plugins page, but the Shield plugin was definitely disabled for some time before I entered that page…

    In fact, the reason I opened that page was because I was seeing security issue I expected Shield to catch, went in to check its settings, and found that message…

    And this has happened several times, where perhaps the update process has caused a plugin to break, but if you do not go back to that page, you wouldn’t notice it…

    Just saying, it would be nice, if WP, while going about its normal business, saw a plugin suddenly deactivated because of an error, would notify the site admin, similarly to how the Recovery Mode you mentioned notifies a site admin…

    Thanks again!

    “File doesn’t exist” means that someone (you or your hosting provider, for instance) has removed or renamed the plugin’s folder or the main php file of the plugin so that it can’t be found when WordPress is looking for it.

    “Has been deactivated” means that the corresponding link to the main plugin file has been removed from the list of “currently active plugins’ main files” in the database.

    So you’d typically see this message the first time you visit the plugins’ list after removing or renaming some plugin in an attempt to get in to your site.

    @aarontgrogg do you have auto updates enabled on these plugins?

    Building on tobi’s answer, is it possible you have reached your disc quota and auto updates occur but fail to write the folder? Just a thought.

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Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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