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  • cowbelly


    File uploads max size doesn’t work at all.

    Advanced file size max does work but prevents the entry from being saved or emailed (e.g. form entry just doesn’t exist)

    Disable scroll to top doesn’t work.

    If you have ‘make post’ automated, you can include exactly ONE form field in your post entry, and the attach file as feature photo doesn’t work at all.

    Other things aren’t working also, but I’m too irritated by trying to troubleshoot these problems for hours that I don’t feel like looking them up.

    Reviewing v.1.8.6

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  • cowbelly


    One other important thing I forgot to mention.

    Caldera forms completely ignores any upload_max_filesize you have set in your WordPress admin or on your server.

    Yeah the code is there in their php files, but it just doesn’t work.

    Think you are actually limiting uploads to 1mb (or less)? Well you’ll be in for a nasty surprise when you discover that 10GB+ of your server is being used up by user-submitted files you had expected to be under 350kb in size.

    Do you enjoy user uploads that are 14MB or bigger? Great! You’ll love this plugin.

    The very best part about it?

    It doesn’t just upload ONE copy of the attached photos- it uploads MULTIPLE copies. So now you don’t just have ONE 14MB user file on your server- now you have six or seven! Rinse and repeat until your server is full.

    Good times.

    If you need a form with good file upload capabilities- this is not it.

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