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  • Terry J


    Very nice free theme but clutters the dashboard up with extras and distractions.

    Adds extras in admin side bar such as “Premium Upgrade” which is not that bad but, ever time I go to settings a blue bar appears at top of my admin area asking me to signup to a newsletter. Dismiss it and appears next time / next tab.

    If you are in need of a response menu, says you need to upgrade to “Premium”… Same with “Social Functions”, premium…

    Understand lots of time goes into theme development, but like to see the author tell it up front and if you want a fully functional theme, it cost.

    Now honestly, $15 to upgrade looks like a steal but I feel forced into it if I want a responsive menu…

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  • Hi Terry.

    Vantage Premium is pay what you want. At the moment, you can go as low as $5 🙂

    I do agree with you though. Deciding which features are free, and which are premium is a tough balancing act. When I code a feature I get a real kick out of seeing people use it – so my first instinct is always to put it in the free version. Then I have to remember that without the income from my premium users I wouldn’t have been able to “hire” myself to develop the feature in the first place.

    I’ve tried to make sure that the theme is fully functional without the premium upgrade. It’s full of nice-to-haves. There are alternatives that’ll give you a lot of the premium functionality for free. But with Vantage Premium you can drop a few bucks (what ever you think it’s worth) and everything will just work (and look great).

    Off the top of my head, here are some plugins that give you similar functionality to Vantage Premium.

    Responsive Menu:
    Social Icons:
    Custom CSS:

    But not being able to dismiss that blue bar – that sounds like a bug. If you drop me an email I’d like to take a look into why it keeps reappearing. That must be annoying –

    Terry J


    Do not get me wrong Greg, I know people have to make a living. Same here, self-employed and cannot give everything away for free:)

    Nothing wrong with your pricing.

    Was just a little upset after taking time to install and only find out only then paid upgrade required for “responsive menu”. Then the blue bar wanting to opt-in would not dismiss for good after clicking to dismiss it… Well I think you understand.

    Great theme and looks very nice but I removed it and used another.

    Thanks for offer to help solve the dismiss issue, but no longer have theme installed.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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