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  • Now that is flucking awesome Silkjaer! =) The only thing I suggest is, to add the “Menu” text on the red section under header, so ppl would know that’s there, of course I’m sure you know that lol! I want a copy of it… :0)


    I have started converting it to a theme, link

    Awesome! Can’t wait until it’s done.. =) Awesome job Silkjaer!


    Looking at the (source) code – there seems to be an “over-use” of the h1 heading. The gurus say there should be only one in a page, not 5-6.
    Usually in WP themes the h1 is the blog title, h2 = post title and so on.

    Moshu, thanks for the reminder, have changed blog title to h1, posttitles to h2 etc, but still defined how the different headers look when blogging

    Two more things.

    I’ve dissected quite a number a themes and I noticed those having the date before the post title (and supposedly using the_date tag which displays only once per day, even if more posts!) – will use
    h2 Date
    h3 post title.
    Which makes sense from a structural (semantic?) point of view.

    The other thing. I was struggling recently with the same dilemma while transferring some content from an old site to a new, WP powered version. In the old version there were a lot of articles, academic papers – all on a separate html file, and having h1, h2, h3 structure in them.
    Now, when transferring them to the WP site I had to decide whether to keep the original or to make it “sub-ordinate” to the general WP page structure. I went with this latter solution. Meaning no h1 or h2 in the papers.
    Just my $0.02

    Ive swapped h2 and h3 around, i think youre right, although in my head h2 should be bigger than h3 😉

    About the h1, h2 and h3 in posts ill keep it as it is now. If the theme was only for myself, I’d consider it more, but im releasing it for the public.

    I like the menu verry much!

    Looks very nice. Like how that menu slides out. How cross browser/platform is it if you don’t mind me asking?

    I have just fixed the last couple of bugs in MSIE.. Tested and works as it should in Safari (Mac), Firefox (Mac/PC) and MSIE (6.0 PC)

    Looks great… Flock also. Are you offering this for download?

    bullock_d> Yes, when its done 🙂

    Excellent…..let us know.

    Have made some small updates

    Nice looking theme, but how does someone with JavaScript disabled navigate the Playground?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 22 total)
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