• Some background information: The multilingual plugins could be divided into 4 groups (You can make a search: Multilingual WordPress in WordPress.org Documentation), and there this amazing but rarely downloaded plugin belongs to the first group: 1) Manage multilingual posts in one post per language (e.g. WPML – paid, xili-language, Polylang, Bogo or Sublanguage).

    A rare advantage of nLingual is that the language of a certain page of the website can also be left undefined; then it will be displayed regardless of the selected site language, whether the page is opened via the main Menu or with the “Pages” Widget.
    Instead of language flags, it is possible to put a Language Changer entry in the Menu, which can be easily reworded.

    If you use a plugin that displays a tree of pages on WP admin pages (eg Admin Menu Tree Page View or F4 Post Tree), unlike Polylang, the tree displays pages or posts in all languages at once (this can be annoying if there are hundreds of pages, but however more convenient if there are a few dozen of them.)

    It is characteristic of several other multilingual plugins (e.g. Sublanguage and Falang) that if the multilingual plugin is deactivated, even for a while, for example to detect the incompatibility of some certain plugins (e.g. with the corresponding plugin Meks Quick Plugin Disabler), the site “locks” to the Home Page. And it only helps if, in addition to clearing the web browser buffer, you briefly change the Homepage from the WP settings, and then change back to the original. Fortunately, nLingual does not have this drawback (as well as other plugins belonging to group 1.)
    One more advantage: when deactivating, with nLingual no annoying parentheses will remain in pages or menus (as in the case of the 2nd group plugins WPGlobus and WP Multilang).
    However, for the sake of truth, it should be noted that, like all group 1 plugins, nLingual is little slower compared to those that do not create new pages for additional languages (up to 33% additional server time). This means that we will probably never see a win-win situation in this area.

    I hope this trustful multilingual plugin gets also in future updates!

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    “…this amazing but almost forgotten plugin” — I mean it seems to be forgotten by users: for some reason I do not understand, one can read that nLingual has “more than 60” downloads, as Polylang has “more than 600 000” downloads.

    Also I have to add that our kind developer has showed me in Support (and of course, for everybody) how easy it is to translate Tagline and/or Title of a website with nLingual (and possibly if one has more skills, also any custom area).

    “It was in my WP install littlebit slower than Polylang or Bogo.” — Actually it was in some tests a bit quicker than Polylang, especially were both were used with ClassicPress (v1.5.3). The winner could be Bogo, if there were only one language. But with several ones (as in real-life situation) there would be hard to point out “a winner”.

    Despite the low popularity, after about a month thorough testing several multilingual plugins, nLingual was one of the winners. If not better, then equal with Polylang (and also Bogo, which unfortunately does not allow to repair pages nor change the language, but has some other minor good characteristics.)

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    I have to correct again myself (or to add), that the testing was done to find out best free Multilingual plugin (or free version of any) in terms of functionality, which do create permanent translations (excludung the plugins that do only “live” or “machine” translation with help of Google Translator etc.) And there were two winners for me: Polylang and nLingual, >600 000 downloads and >60 respectively. I did not ask any help from Polylang, but the kind developer of nLingual, he answerd me very-very quickly!

    Thank You for partaking in my thoughts! My best thanks to our kind developer!

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    The plugin now supports also php 8.x. Our best thanks to developer!

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