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  • I have been using WordPress for years, since around 2008.
    Virtually every site I have ever built has been based around WordPress.

    The latest update though is shocking. It’s unusable. I spent a good hour trying to understand it before I gave up.
    Some examples include:
    In the backend I was trying to view a whole page but a plugin was covering the bottom part of the page. Took me 10 minutes to figure out you could drag it around and then longer to find out you could move it. Where did it go? No idea.
    Also it takes forever to save.
    What’s with the blocks?
    It sucks.
    I hate it.

    For now, I have installed a plugin that takes things back to how they were. I really hope WordPress roll this failure back.

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  • Thank God I had my sites set to not auto update to major releases.

    I installed 5.0.1 from my web host’s auto installer for a new site. After a day of bewilderment and “WTF is it doing that for” I downloaded WP 4.9.7 and FTP’d it over this mess.

    Examples of issues: While in non HTML mode editing a page or post, try deleting an image then replacing it with another one. Regardless of where the cursor is (like where you want the image to go!) it places it at the top of the body. 2) It mangled the text formatting of posts exported/imported from WP another site. 3) It reformats your HTML leaving spaces that make eyeballing DIVs more difficult than what was originally written.

    Just Wow.

    Just wow! indeed. For some reason, it just kept saving for like 5 minutes as well.

    If I click to edit an existing page, it distorts that page and causes the code to make the page look ‘off’ of what it should look like, and I can’t get it back to what it was before without reverting the history and installing the Classic editor.

    I also had the auto save issue, for me it kept popping up a box asking me if I really want to leave, I hit cancel and the box keeps coming up… then the box starting auto popping up, over and over and over. I can’t even edit the page, I had to force quit Chrome just to make it stop.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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