• This is one of the most unintuitive plugins you will run across. It uses non-Wordpress standard UI, it creates a load of tables in your DB (17 tables), it is completely bloated for its intended functionality. It gets 2 stars because it DOES work.

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  • Plugin Author wipeoutmedia


    Hi there,

    Thanks for your feedback.
    I appreciate your time writing your honest opinion.

    This design has not changed since 2010 and yeah it could be better – I already know that. It is not the only plugin that doesn’t follow strict ‘WordPress’ UI standards so no big deal really, unless you are happy to give poor ratings to thousands of other plugins too.

    As for the tables, again not a big deal. We can rework the structure, that is doable, in fact anything is doable, but it takes a thing called time and money.

    The reason we have a lot of high 5-star reviews is because we provide a quality coded piece of software for free and that it DOES WORK!!!


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