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  • icerabbit


    I came back to WP after an extended break, updated site, theme broken, and come to find out that “Gutenberg” is now the default post & page editor in WP.

    Politely put: my mind is blown! This is beyond terrible.

    If this was in WP in the early days, it would have never gotten off the ground.

    This is the equivalent of using a MS Zune with Windows 10 UI, hide everything that you need, try to do something, you can’t see what it is doing, what it shows in the editor does not render properly on screen … default theme, simple post, one small photo, three times it published the photo at half width relative to the height, simple line breaks and paragraphs, 2/3 of them removed, … WTF?!

    In all my life and first using a computer ~40 years ago I have never seen such an abomination and text mangling.

    I literally have NO idea how in the world this got elevated to the default editor. It should not have gone beyond alpha or beta.

    Not having traditional UI elements in a text editor is just bonkers.

    And, you are putting the name Gutenberg to shame. I can actually set letter type and print the old fashioned way faster than I can make a simple post in WP and get the result with a bit of basic markup the way I intended!!!

    I simply have nothing positive to say about the implementation and execution; despite the fact that I can from a technical aspect see what the goal was. Except that it was not necessary and should have been an opt-in. Not a default. If somebody with 30 years of computer experience can’t work this thing … how is an average user who may give posting abilities supposed to use it properly? If you need a new manual to put some text on a blog or site. It is a FAIL.

    Rant over.

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