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  • I can’t stand this editor. It is clunky, ugly, unintuitive and hard to use. My clients can’t stand it either. And now, this HORRIBLE editor is part of the widgets area!!!
    This is the worst thing to EVER happen to WordPress and will likely be its ultimate downfall. I am already looking for alternative platforms. Sad to say, after making websites with WordPress for over 10 years… it’s time to find something new. Gutenburg is the end of WP 🙁

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  • Plugin Author Matias Ventura


    Sorry to hear that, Steve. I’ve also been making websites with WordPress for a bit more than 10 years. Is there anything you’d like to point to as being clunky or ugly? Maybe it can be fixed.

    Thread Starter Steve


    big empty white screen is impossible for my clients to figure out what to do.
    Each paragraph becomes its own element. Makes long content hard to manage.
    columns not easy to make or customize.
    now easy way to see live page, just the preview
    when i publish something it always asks twice. frustrating. when i click publish, i want to publish!
    can’t design page (background colors, column backgrounds, image background, parallax, borders, drop shadows.)
    hard to figure out how to close out and get back to dashboard. The “W” logo in rleft corner is not obvious that is goes to dashboard. I have 100+ clients, not one has figure this out on their own.
    customizing button colors on hover – still can’t figure out how to do this.
    Just flat out clunky, unintuitive and hard to use. Harder to use than the old editor.

    wordpress has become harder to use. Not easier. And it is getting too bloated. With wix, squarespace, duda, even weebly… I just don’t see how WP is going to last. To bloated and getting harder, not easier to use.

    For me, the final straw was when I saw gutenburg in the widgets area. widgets are hard for basic users to comprehend, gutenburg is even harder. Combining them was just insane.

    Sorry, this is just my opinion as a web design who needs to bust out websites that are easy for my clients to use. Sure, I can code the whole thing by hand if I have to. And use blocks and all the other stuff, but no client is going to be able to take the site over and for them, that is a deal breaker.

    WordPress is becoming a “developers” platform. Maybe that is where they want to go. But it is leaving many of us behind who need intuitive, powerful and easy to use platforms for our clients.

    Sorry WP 🙁 🙁

    Thread Starter Steve


    Oh, and the new widget editor has broken about 40% of the 78 websites that I manage. All in all, gutenberg is a complete headache.

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